Australia Blocks Vote on Gay Marriage, Plans for Legislature to Vote Set in Motion

Yesterday, the Australian Labor Party blocked a plebiscite vote on same-sex marriage and instead will push through legislation. The Conservative party needed the support of Labor to allow for a national vote on gay and lesbian marriage, but instead, the Labor Party says that it won’t put human rights up for a divisive vote. “The experts have unequivocally explained to Labor that the plebiscite would cause harm to gay and lesbian people particularly but not exclusively young people,” opposition leader Bill Shorten said. “Marriage equality, let’s make it a reality, let’s just get on with it.”

Currently support for same-sex marriage is at 57%, but LGBT rights organizations in Australia feared that a vote on marriage equality would turn into a nightmare for gay and lesbian Australians who would be the focus of hate-filled ads. A national vote would also cost the country $160 million. [GSN]

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