Gay Marriage Gets Big Push in Ireland with Heartfelt Message from Colin Farrell

Image via CinemaFestival

Image via CinemaFestival

True Detective‘s star and Irish-born actor, Colin Farrell, made an emotional plea to his fellow Irishmen when appeared on Claire Byrne Live to support same-sex marriage in Ireland. Farrell talks about his brother Eamon’s rough childhood. “I remember [my brother] coming home with blood on his shirt, and he got plenty of beatings and he got just called names continuously…so he had a very, very, very tough time, a lot of cruelty, like real, absolute shameful cruelty that was placed upon him,” Farrell said.

Previously the star penned a letter urging the people of Ireland to support same-sex marriage ahead of a referendum in the spring.  “My brother Eamon didn’t choose to be gay. Yes, he chose to wear eyeliner to school and that probably wasn’t the most pragmatic response to the daily torture he experienced at the hands of school bullies,” he writes. “But he was always proud of who he was. Proud and defiant and, of course, provocative.” Read his full letter here. 

The same-sex marriage referendum, the first of its kind in the world, will take place in the spring. Currently, well over half the country now supporting marriage equality (with 67% supporting a referendum allowing civil marriage)

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