Gay Marriage Proposal in Church? Watch this Methodist Church’s Reaction


Image via YouTube

Image via YouTube

When Trevor Harper and his partner were asked to share their faith story in front of the First United Methodist Church, no one in the congregation expected a proposal. But as the speech went on, it became more and more apparent that Harper was getting ready to pop the question. “We were asked to share our faith story in front of our congregation at First United Methodist Church of Austin,” the couple said in a statement about the event.  “This is a church that has welcomed us and changed our lives. All are welcome, no exceptions,” he adds. “After nine years together, I couldn’t think of a better way to ask him to be my husband. Your sexuality does not define your right to live a spiritual, Christ-filled life. We are instructed to love and it is that simple. We are blessed beyond our wildest imagination,” he concluded

The reaction from this supportive church in Austin, Texas? A rousing applause.

There currently is a divide within the Methodist Church on gay marriage and gay pastors.

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