Gay Olympian Greg Louganis To Appear on his First Wheaties Box

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For those who remember waking up and pouring a box of Wheaties that was adorned with their favorite sports hero for breakfast then its time to enjoy them once again! Gay Olympic diver, Greg Louganis, will finally appear on the historic cereal box. General Mills has created a ‘Wheaties Legends’ series, which the four-time Olympic Gold medalist will be included. Along with Louganis­–Janet Evans, the four-time gold medalist for distance swimming and Edwin Moses, the two-time gold medalist for track and field – will be joining the memorable faces of Wheaties.

According to Towleroadthe Senior Associate Marketing Manger for Wheaties Jenna Lynch said: “This is an opportunity for Wheaties to highlight past champions who haven’t yet received the honor of being on a Wheaties box for their past athletic achievements. Janet, Greg and Edwin are all world-class athletes both for the medals they won, and everything they accomplished during their careers.”

Louganis was famously snubbed by the brand, and his sexuality was often blamed for the lack of endorsement, but there are no hard feelings. Louganis responded to the good news by saying: “It’s so iconic, everybody looks at the Wheaties box and it’s such an honor. I can’t wait to see Janet’s and Edwin’s boxes too. I’m excited for them as much as myself. What great company to be in. Edwin’s always been a hero to me. It’s such an honor to be in this group.”

Congrats to the world-class athletes.

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