Gay “Pink Dollar” iPhone App Launched in Hong Kong

Image via Passport

In an effort at promoting a sense of community amongst the gay population in Hong Kong, a new app (available currently only for iPhone, with plans for an Android version in the future) called Pink Dollar¬†provides a means of connecting customers with gay-friendly businesses. The app supplies a “mobile mall” that lists over 100 LGBT-supportive retailers and service providers, that range from restaurants to financial advisors. In a very logical move, creator Paul Ramscar explains that the app is also aimed as defusing bigotry as large surveys have proven that consumers are very unlikely to engage with shops and retailers that give off a sense of discrimination.

The app also includes review-writing, for which participants are to be rewarded with coupons to different businesses. The interactivity of the app echoes Ramscar’s over-arching hope for the app to provide a larger sense of gay culture and community in Hong Kong.

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