Gay Republican Presidential Candidate Hopes to Inspire Others

While the bulk of the Republican presidential candidates seem staunchly opposed to gay civil rights—Michele Bachmann, anyone?—there’s at least one that certainly won’t be signing NOM’s pledge anytime soon. His name is Fred Karger, and he is breaking barriers as an openly gay (and openly Republican) candidate for the presidency.

Once a longtime political strategist for figures like Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, Karger is well aware that he is fighting a losing battle in trying to secure the party nomination on a platform of gay rights. Just this week, Fox News decided to bar him from their presidential debates in Iowa. Karger’s campaign, however, isn’t being run with sights set on winning, but rather with sights set on giving hope.

Karger himself was in the closet for much of his adult life and lost his homosexual uncle to suicide in his twenties. By reaching for the nation’s highest office, Karger is hoping to send a message to all gay Americans, to show us all that we have every right to shoot for the stars. [LA Times]

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