Gay Sitcom Becomes Popular in Vietnam

Image via YouTube

Image via YouTube

A new sitcom sensation has attracted over a million Vietnam viewers to YouTube. The show’s theme is a comedy about the LGBT community titled “My Best Gay Friends.” The popularity of the show is surprising because those who are LGBT are often ridiculed in public as well as in media. Dang Khoa, 21 and gay, created the series to try to change the image of how gays are viewed in the country. “I’ve seen many movies and comedies about the homosexual community. The images of homosexuals are very negative and audiences then have an ugly idea of the community,” said Khoa. But times may be changing for gay people in this communist country. There was talk last year that the government was considering gay marriage. This topic will be fully debated in 2014. [The Telegraph]

Watch an episode after the jump (video is in Vietnamese)


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