Gay Spouses Gain Access to Marine Corp Fort Bragg Club

Same-sex spouses of those in the Marine Corp at Fort Bragg will now be permitted access to its club. This new order is a result of the exclusion of Ashley Broadway, a same-sex military spouse at Fort Bragg, NC. Broadway was denied membership because she did not have a military ID card, a card only granted to spouses of the opposite sex according to current Pentagon regulations.Today an email notified Bragg that she would be allowed access to the club with “Friends of Bragg” passes. This pass will only be granted to same-sex spouses that have a marriage certificate from one of the states that perform same-sex marriages. This pass, although granted, will not permit shopping privileges at the post exchange or commissary or any special services. The “Friends” pass is only valid at this particular facility. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has been urged to implement a rule that allows same-sex spouses access to all facilities

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