Gay Texas A&M Student-Body President Invites Rick Perry to Discuss Common Vision

Bobby Brooks, A&M newest openly gay student body president, has invited Rick Perry to discuss their common vision for the future.

Rick Perry, the current secretary of energy, who is formerly an Aggie (someone from A&M), wrote an op-ed piece in the Houston Chronicle last week that discussed Brook’s campaign practices. He openly accused Brooks’s followers of “dirty campaign practices” after they tried to get his opponent, Robert McIntosh disqualified for failing to report the purchase of glowsticks used in a video in his campaign finance report.

He also said that Brooks’s opponent, Robert McIntosh, who actually received the most votes, should have won the election and he accused Brooks of using voter intimidation in anonymous complaints. A student court later dismissed those charges. Perry wrote that Brooks had simply won the election “due to his quest for diversity”

Brooks will take office April 21,and has written a letter that was published online in the student newspaper The Battalion, and the LGBT advocacy group GLAAD hopes Perry will drop his accusations and instead address the love they both share for A&M.

“It was heartening to see that you described yourself as ‘proud’ that the student body at your Alma Mater will be led for the first time in our history by a member of the LGBTQ student community,” Brooks wrote. “I am indeed proud to be an openly gay student, and I share your pride that my fellow students see my sexual orientation as a simple matter of fact — not something that compromises my qualifications.”

Brooks has Invited Perry to Texas to discuss their “common vision” for the university. Brooks has also volunteered to visit Washington to facilitate the meeting. GLAAD has posted a petition asking people to insist Perry accept the invitation. It has so far gathered 2,800 signatures.

Many are surprised Perry is involving himself into college politics. Amy B Smith, A&M’s communications officer “I’m surprised that he’s weighing in. I’m surprised he would have the time to do that,”

McIntosh is the son of Alison McIntosh a Dallas-based republican fundraiser. McIntosh is considering filing a lawsuit. He said through his attorney that he may have lost the election due to the fact he is a “ Hetro-sexual, white Christian male.”

It is currently unknown if Perry has read the letter, or if he will accept the invite. [DN]


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