Gay Travel: Amazing Vacation Rentals Around the World

I’m a bona fide hotel junkie. In the past 15 years, I’ve stayed in more than a thousand amazing properties. I anticipate check-in the way a 12-year-old girl obsesses over new Snapchat filters. Hotels simply excite me, from immersing in personalized service to marveling at thoughtful design and amenities. I love sitting in hotel lobbies, watching the flurry of travelers from across the planet enter the microworld in which we temporarily belong. And who doesn’t get a natural high from ordering room service while watching a movie on a comfortable bed more expensive than your own?

With the direction hotels are heading, their star-chef-helmed restaurants get as much attention as tried-and-true institutions, and many hotel bars tout experiences, not just libations. Hotel bars have also birthed classic cocktails like the Singapore sling in Raffles Singapore and bloody mary at St. Regis New York, proving hotel bars and lounges have significance, leaving legacies.

I love an old hotel where history resonates, or a new hotel that sets the standard for progressive design. The perks of hotel amenities, like swim- ming pools, rooftop bars with views, expert concierges, and complimentary bicycles make stays even more irresistible. And don’t get me started on hotel spas, where I can get fully knackered with wonderful amenities like steam, sauna, water journey, hot tubs, and much more. A good hotel or resort is almost why we vacation, as they are as integral to a destination as a tourist attraction.

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