Gay Travel: Belize

Image via Belcampo.

Image via Belcampo.

The sun is hot, in that Central America kind of way, but it’s the soft drizzle that’s pestering, like the ubiquitous mosquitos. Insects, I can surprisingly handle, but the rain is a monkey wrench for my perfectly planned excursion at Caracol. Not only is it Belize’s most popular attraction, it’s a major Maya archaeological site in the Cayo District, covering approximately 30 square miles and one of the best-kept ruins to date. Additionally, and what excites me most, Caracol is one of the best-preserved astronomical observatories—it points to the equinox and solstice. What further makes Caracol a gem is the little foot traffic: Belize only gets half a million visitors a year.

As I make my way up through the largest pyramid at 140 feet, the light rain stops and, as you would imagine, a rainbow emerges. I can see Guatemala. The view is insanely breathtaking, and the excursion was worth the two-hour drive from Blancaneaux Lodge.

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