Gay Travel Bloggers’ Photos Used to Promote Pedophilia Allegedly by Far-Right Group

Gay couple and travel bloggers Karl Krause and Daan Colijn received some rather concerning messages throughout the holiday. The two began receiving messages from people who were disgusted and critical of their choice to use their images to promote pedophilia. “They were outraged emails,” Krause said. “They were saying: ‘How can that be? You are not pro-pedophilia. I know that.’”

They both then discovered that their picture had been taken from one of their social media accounts, and it was being used to promote pedophilia.
In the ad, the two are seen kissing in front of a rainbow ad. It was reposted by an unknown user named Alex.
The ads then caught the attention of the far-right media who ran with the idea that the LGBTQ community’s next great battle is the acceptance of pedophilia.

The Federalist Papers wrote the headline, ”Resistance Member Says Pedophilia Is Sexual Orientation, Claims Bigotry,” and the far-right fringe community 4chan began to run with this fake ad and used it to fuel further attacks against the community.

It also became clear that far righters were making fake accounts trying to link pedophilia to the LGBT community. One wrote: “Pedophilia is a sexual orientation you bigots.”

“They are actually trying to argue that pedophiles are an ‘oppressed minority,’” a user wrote on Twitter. “Many warned this day would come.”

Thankfully, the bloggers were able to contact Twitter to get the user @Vaceyi blocked from Twitter.

“This type of deliberate attempt to undermine and disrupt the health of the public conversation has absolutely no place on our service,” a Twitter spokesperson said in an e-mailed statement. “Coordinated activity of this nature — including running multiple accounts and adopting fake personae — is a violation of the Twitter Rules. We are aggressively taking action pursuant with our policies.”

Find out more about how the far right is trying to harm the community using ghost accounts. 

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