Gay Travel: Exploring Hawaii’s Big Island

Image via Passport.

Image via Passport.

Hawaii’s Big Island, the island that’s actually named Hawaii, can be a challenging place to discover as it’s not as immediately accessible, either geographically or emotionally, as an island like Oahu. On the Big Island, immense lava fields spread from volcanoes to sea (the island has two major volcanoes: Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa). Beaches range from white to green to black. Emerald fields alternate with rocky crags for some of the state’s most diverse topography. The cute little towns feel almost like an afterthought among this enormity. While it’s an island that draws a lot of tourists, the tourism is more laid-back and requires a little more intrepid exploring than on some of the other islands. It’s also twice as big as the rest of all the Hawaiian islands put together.

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