Gay Travel: Finding Family in Orlando, Florida

Image via Disney
Image via Disney

This week, Orlando celebrates Come Out With Pride, check out our magical experience visiting last year for Pride.

From our imaginary childhood family who protected us from pirates and witches and our real family who held our hands as we took our first step down Main Street USA to our modern-day LGBT and ally family who unite against bigotry—Orlando has built a layered definition of how family is defined. While I stood at Orlando Pride looking out at mothers gloating, couples kissing, and friends embracing, the tiers slowly melted to reveal a city where magic, memories, and progressiveness exist together and shine brighter than the dreams that circle Cinderella’s castle.

“With amazing world-renowned attractions such as Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, Fun Spot America, etc. it is hard not to have family-friendly fun in such a magical destination,” said Gabrielle Shulruff the project director for Converge Orlando, the official LGBT convention and visitors bureau for the city and Central Florida.

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