Gay Travel: Hello Helsinki

Image via Passport.

It’s early morning in Helsinki, and it’s a mad rush-hour commute. Well-heeled women and tall finely dressed men float along the loose-gravel sidewalks and effortlessly traipse ice sheets while they make their way in and out of the Central Railway Station. Above them two sphere-holding statues, frozen in time, stand guard and look out onto the city. I wheel my suitcase down the road leaving a trail of wheel imprints in the fresh snow as I quickly shuttle past trolley cars that whiz between the neoclassical buildings. Shopkeepers unlock their doors to reveal countless shelves filled with must-have fashions, got-to-buy-mom gifts, and warm rice-filled pastries. I try to follow my directions carefully written in both Suomi and ­­Swedish, but get lost staring at the blindingly white Helsinki Cathedral that stretches to the sky. I slide through a group of school children wrapped up in their gossip, and I see my hotel with its castle-like entrance. Hello Helsinki.

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