Gay Travel: Irish Road Trip, Dublin to Cork

The Enterprise Rent-A-Car ( woman looks up our reservation and comments that we have a special LGBT package, and, after a “wink wink” look at Tom and me, she insists that we get her best car. Nervously, I accept the upgrade, not wanting to give off any vibes that my driving skills are less than amazing. We’re soon off through the labyrinthine Dublin streets, and I get surprisingly good at closely following the cars in front of me out of the congested streets

“So we’ll be there in about an hour?” I ask Tom as my clammy hands try to grip the leather steering wheel.

“More like three,” Tom states.

“What do you mean? Ireland isn’t that big, and we’re just driving right there,” I say pointing to an imaginary location against the backdrop of pouring rain.

It’s my first time driving on the “wrong side of the road,” and my first time driving for over a half a year, and I’m desperately trying to conceal my anxiety.

“I think your sense of geography is way off Joe,” Tom says disapprovingly.

I calmly collect myself and mentally prepare for a three-hour drive and our adventure ahead.

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