Gay Travel: Mediterranean Voyage on the ‘Star Clipper’

The setting sun peeks from behind clouds as the pilot boat veers away from the gunwale, and the harbor captain sends us off with a friendly wave. As the topgallant and jib sails unfurl and catch the evening breeze, we gain speed toward the light- house. The crenelated walls of the ancient city pass by to port, a forlorn island fortress recedes into the distance, and a mega-yacht passes by starboard, the passengers gaze on in wonderment; a clipper ship in full- sail is a majestic sight.

Reclining in the net suspended from the bowsprit, I gaze up at the masts and swelling sails, marveling at the ingenuity of design that sailing ships are, this is one the world’s tallest. Suddenly, someone on the foredeck yells out pointing to the water beneath me. I roll over on my stomach and there 30 feet below two dolphins leap in the bow wave as the prow slices the deep blue. I can’t help but laugh aloud, and revel in this perfect moment, wondering if anything could ever be finer than this!

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