Gay Travel: Ten Spectacular Nude Beaches

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There are nude beaches in America? That’s a question I get asked all the time, and the answer I always reply with is: there’s more than you think actually. Sure they’re often hidden and hard to reach (thanks in part to the shame-based culture we live in), but the freedom to shimmy out of your Speedo on a hot summer day and splash around in the water au naturel makes the occasionally off-the-beaten-path trek well worth it. Thanks to the West Coast’s combination of endless, tucked-away shorelines and progressive politics, there’s an abundance of places to toss out your worries, workload, and swimsuit and indulge in endless summer. Just don’t forget the SPF50, the Pacific sun can spank your booty hard (trust me).

#10 Laguna Creek Beach
Santa Cruz, CA
When people fantasize about the Northern California coastline, it’s the scenery at Laguna Creek they’re picturing. The cliffs are jagged and expansive, the perfectly blue waters slam the shoreline resulting in a spectacular spray of ocean water, and you half expect a hawk to swoop down in front of you and pluck lunch straight out of the sea. Though there isn’t a ton of nudity. On my last visit (a balmy weekend no less), I spotted just one naked guy among maybe a dozen scattered sunbathers.

Directions: Follow Hwy. 1 9.8 miles north of where it intersects with Hwy. 17. Park on the east side of the road and walk the trail on the west side of the highway until you hit the beach.

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