Gay Travel: West Hollywood’s Rainbow Crosswalks to Stay

Image via Patch

LA’s West Hollywood will permanently keep this year’s Pride month rainbow crosswalks spanning San Vicente Boulevard at Santa Monica Boulevard, as voted by the West Hollywood City Council earlier this week. Initially after Pride month the bricks were to be restored the to their original red color, but they have proved so popular, they will now be a permanent part of the popular LGBT destination of the city, in the heart of Boystown.

Patch reported that Councilmember John Duran said the crosswalks, as well as the rainbow flags along Santa Monica Boulevard, are important for the soul of the city. He said while locals may take such things for granted, visitors do not. “[The crosswalks] are critical to the tourists and young gay and lesbian people and not-so-young gay and lesbian people who are passing through … They cannot believe that they actually see a municipality where the rainbow colors are on display all year long. It tells them it is a sanctuary. It tells them there is a safe place in America where the LGBT community is celebrated,” he said.

Stop by this great fixture and pose as if you were hopping down the yellow brick road! Except this is better road! One where either direction leads to many gay bars and clubs such as Fiesta Cantina, Micky’s WeHo, Rage, Here Lounge and The Abbey.

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