Gay Travel: What’s New in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong wears the sash and crown for Asia’s most international city, and with good reason. Awash with Western influence, chock-full of alluring attractions, and fostering one of Asia’s largest expat communities, this special administrative region of China proves it’s one of the most progressive in the Far East. It’s a city that’s ever changing and constantly expanding, so it’s hard to feel like you’ve “been here, done that” no matter how many times you visit. While Hong Kong keeps transforming, it continues to promote the unique fusion of Chinese heritage and British influence. Separated by two areas, Kowloon and Hong Kong islands, Hong Kong has a population of seven million with approximately 20 million visitors a year. The city bustles 24/7 with thriving night markets, a growing culinary scene, alluring attractions, and a unique flavor and soul that dazzles every day of the year.

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