Gay Vets to March in Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade for the First Time Ever

St. Patrick's Day Boston. Image via Passport.

St. Patrick’s Day Boston. Image via Passport.

Things are changing at St. Patrick’s Day celebrations across the nation this year. First New York’s parade will allow at least one LGBT group to march, and now Boston’s Irish-American celebration will include an LGBT veterans organization in their parade line-up. The South Boston Allied War Veterans Council, who legally fought to exclude gays from marching in the parade in 1995, agreed in a 5-4 decision to allow OutVets to participate. According to the AP: “They will be allowed to carry a blue banner with five white stars representing the branches of the military and six vertical rainbow stripes. The group represents lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender veterans and participated in the city’s Veterans Day parade last month.” The office of Mayor Walsh praised the victory.  “Mayor Walsh has been advocating for an inclusive parade for quite some time…We’re thrilled to hear that the South Boston Allied War Veterans Council has decided to make the 2015 parade an inclusive event.”


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