George and Amal Clooney Donate $500k to March for Our Lives Anti-Gun Violence D.C. Rally

George and Amal Clooney have donated half-a-million dollars to help a march on Washington D.C. against gun violence and pro stronger gun measures be successful. The March for Our Lives took form after the deadly shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL where a group of students turned their mourning into action. The students have quickly turned to activism and received a major platform this Sunday when they were on CBS’ Face the Nation where they called out the NRA and our politicians for allowing the shooting that killed 17 to take place.

“Amal and I are so inspired by the courage and eloquence of these young men and women from Stoneman Douglas High School,” Clooney said in a statement. “Our family will be there on March 24 to stand side by side with this incredible generation of young people from all over the country, and in the name of our children Ella and Alexander, we’re donating 500,000 dollars to help pay for this groundbreaking event. Our children’s lives depend on it.”

More info on March for Our Lives here

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