Germany Leads Again! Visa Granted to Gay Chechen

Germany has once again shown leadership in the face of a humanitarian crisis as they have granted a visa to a gay man from Chechnya. The man arrived yesterday to the country, according to a local newspaper, thanks to a humanitarian visa.


The report was backed up by a German foreign minister who said: “We are happy we’re able to help in especially difficult cases.”

The visa is unique, as they are rarely granted to people who are fleeing from human rights abuses. But the man went on a lengthy process to flee Chechnya (like so many are): arriving at the German Embassy in Moscow to petition for a visa.

“The Federal Government checks which meaningful protection can be granted in the interest of the affected person in every case,” the embassy said. Three further men have already been interviewed and might soon be able to leave for Germany.

So far, only Lithuania and France have accepted men from Chechnya.

And as we know, this is only a Band-Aide on the problem, the world can’t sit silent as gay men are reportedly being killed and imprisoned.


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