5 Reasons The Renwick Hotel’s Gertrude Stein Suite will Inspire Gay (and Straight) Travelers

“A rose is a rose is a rose” but is a hotel room a hotel a hotel room? Not at New York’s historic The Renwick Hotel, which has been called New York’s most literary hotel. Now, with a cool $30 million, they’ve created rooms to bookmark their place as a must-stay holiday spot for bookish travelers. Paying homage to the writers who once stayed in these walls (in its previous life as a long-stay hotel), the accommodation just a few steps from Grand Central has created suites to match the complex lives of artists such as Steinbeck, Mann, and Fitzgerald.

Our favorite so far has to be the Gertrude Stein Suite, though we may be a bit impartial because she is one of our most beloved members of the LGBT community. Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite design elements.

tea cart 2

It was designed by Stonehill & Taylor’s Senior Designer, Kim Edwards, with numerous nods to the classic French Salon, such as charming vintage tea cart and handmade tea set (ceramicist Alice Goldsmith). Stein was, of course, famous for hosting salon nights herself in Paris along with artists and friends like Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse.

Renwick Gertude Stein Bookshelf

A shelf of Stein novels and vintage French milk bottles greet guests as they enter the suite.

Stein suite stencil and entry

Steps from the door is a large wall bust stencil, a replica of the one painted by Mr. Picasso himself.

string art over couch

string art over couch

Above the living room sofa hangs three distinct string art pieces by Jessica Clark, made especially to replicate the many sketches that lined the walls of Steins Salon as well as subtle nod her beloved novel Three Lives.

rose is a roseThe bedroom features other creative allusions to Stein’s writing including a large rosebud drawing made from a seeming infinite loop of her most famous quote “a rose is a rose is a rose” (image below).

[All photos courtesy of The Renwick Hotel]


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