Get to Know the Host of ‘Drag Race Thailand’ Pangina Heals

Thanks to a licensing deal with World of Wonder (the production company behind RuPaul’s Drag Race), the world-famous show is branching out with its first international version—in Thailand. Set to co-host is the amazing Pangina Heals. As she prepares to co-host Drag Race Thailand, we sat down with the Bangkok-based drag super-star to talk about her life in Thailand, what makes an amazing drag queen, and travel.

What inspired you to work as a drag queen?
It’s more whom. I started as a drag queen being super-inspired by supreme world leader Lady Gaga. There was a nationwide competition to whoever could lip-synch her song the best, and they would win an all-paid trip to see her in NYC. I won first place and experienced doing drag in the big city! I felt like a superhero. Strangers would applaud and say (work girl), and I felt that this was the beginning of something great.

Drag Race Thailand

Drag Race Thailand

Amazing! Congrats! I’m assuming you now get paid to do drag after that experience?
It’s a full-time career now. It didn’t start like that, but now I’m in drag every day. My father always said: If you love what you do and do not think about the money, one day the money will catch up with all the love you put into your work. It’s a Thai saying and doesn’t really slide smoothly in English!

Where are some places we can see you perform in Bangkok?
I’m performing every day, or almost, because I love cash. No, actually, I love to make people smile. We are doing some good in a world that doesn’t always understand or accept us.

Do you get to travel?
Yes, I travel at least three times a month overseas. I judge all over Asia as the only waacking drag queen judge in the world, I’m a judge at All Asia Waacking festivals and numerous dance events. I love traveling while I’m young and able to kneel. And I love performing in venues where there are many straight male dancers. When I first step onto the stage, they don’t necessary understand but when I finish the performance and make them laugh, I hope we all (come) together because, at the end of the day, it’s all just entertaining. We are men in dresses…clowns!

Find out more about this talented queen over at Passport magazine online…

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