‘Girl Meets World’ Star Comes Out by Not Wanting to Label Her Sexuality

Image via Twitter

Image via Twitter

Times are definitely changing. News broke today that the 14-year-old star of the Boy Meets World spin-off Girl Meets World has come out as queer. Disney Channel–darling Rowan Blanchard made the announcement while tweeting with her fans. She touched on topics that included feminism, human rights, and being queer.

“In my life – only ever liked boys. However I personally don’t wanna label myself as straight, gay or whateva so I am not gonna give myself labels to stick with – just existing,” she nonchalantly told her 330k followers.

Blanchard, although only a teen, has an arsenal of knowledge concerning social justice. Her social media is filled with famous quotes, old-school music, and recommendations of college-level reading like Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay, Black Against Empire, and Gloria Steinem’s memoir.

Her announcement is a far cry from the cookie-cutter child-star factory that Disney has been known to produce. We’re happy that kids have someone like Blanchard to look up to.

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