#GivingTuesday, It’s the One That Counts

#GivingTuesday, It’s the One That Counts

Black Friday

Super-Sale Saturday

Cyber Monday

They are all just prelude to the important one, Giving Tuesday. Today, take a step back from the consumer cliff’s edge, and reconnect with your priorities. Support the non-profit organizations and charities that matter most to you. Yes, there’s been a ton of (deserved) bad press lately about some of the biggies: Salvation Army and Goodwill having strayed from their missions of doing what is best and doing, instead, what is best for them at the expense of othersbut don’t let that dissuade or discourage you. Find a smaller organization with their fingers more firmly on the pulse of the communities they wish to serve, and lend your dollars. If you don’t have dollars, give hours, of volunteer service. Or give both.


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