Global Cocktail: BlackTail’s Queen of Salsa

1 dash Angostura
1 tsp Pomme Eau De Vie
.75 oz Lime 
.5 oz Pina Cane
.5 oz Lemon Grass
.75 oz Amontillado Sherry
2 oz Coconut infused Black Grouse
At BlackTail in New York, you’re going to first fall for the views from Manhattan’s Pier A, and then, the delicious food and drinks. Visitors to this restaurant will delight in their philosophy of embracing the lush life. The gastropub is the child of Sean Muldoon and Jack McGarry who are most widely known as the Belfast duo who came to the US and founded The Dead Rabbit on Water Street (voted the best bar in the world). We’ve got one of their world-famous cocktails form their new venture at BlackTail.
Method: Shaken
Glassware:  Sour
Garnish: None 
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