Global Stoli Cocktail: Moscow Mule

Image via Stoli

Image via Stoli

For the time being, a trip to Moscow might not be ideal for LGBT people and their allies, but that’s no reason not to maintain a love of classic Russian culture. The Moscow Mule was created in New York during the 50s, at the height of America’s fascination with Russia and its spirits. Today, the drink is making a comeback due to its retro-chicness. Let Stolichnaya‘s Moscow Mule transport you for a moment, and take your mind off 2010’s political concerns. One taste of this satisfyingly tart cocktail, and you’ll be off on a Russian fantasy—visions of Tolstoy novels, awe-inspiring architecture, and spectacular white-winter vistas. To get the authentic experience, make sure to use Stoli brand ginger beer, and serve in a traditional metal mug.


Stoli® Vodka: 2 parts
Fresh Lime Juice: ½ part
Ginger Beer: 3 parts


Mix ingredients well and serve over ice. Recommended to serve in a metallic mug (see photo).

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