Globetrotting: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Image via Passport

Image via Passport

This is a trip of firsts. It’s my first time in Fort Lauderdale, my first mass wedding, my first time toasting nuptials at 8 in the morning, and my first time welcoming the day with Lance Bass. Yet something about Fort Lauderdale feels familiar.

I’ve traveled to several cities since I was a kid, but as an adult I turned my attention away from Disney and Gulf of Mexico beaches. Miami and Key West seemed the best option for a lesbian on the loose in the tropics. But I kept hearing about Fort Lauderdale. That it had more LGBT offerings than anywhere in Florida, and as the seat of liberal Broward County, it’s the most out-and-proud of the Sunshine State’s mixed political landscape. Plus the city recently rolled out a tourism campaign to welcome transgender travelers, a first in the United States. The more attention I paid, the more intriguing the city became.

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