Google Campus in California to Host Event with Extreme Kenyan Anti-Gay Activist

As much as we are all for open dialogues and freedom of speech, there is a fine line that is crossed when it’s someone who actively discriminates against the LGBT and inflicts moral rules that negatively impact the community. Google is sending a dangerous message when it confirmed that its Mountain View, California campus would be hosting Ezekiel Mutua, the head of the Kenya Film Classification Board. Mutua is known in the country for his strict censorship regulations. He caused outrage for banning a remix of Macklemore’s “Same-Love” and censoring any film at his whim that he deems inappropriate.

Sadly, the US Government offered him a visa to attend the Web conference, too. And he took the time on Twitter to rub it in activists’ faces.

Google Kenya responded by saying:

“Politicians have many questions about the internet and Google. To help answer these questions Google has a team that engages with and responds to queries from politicians and sometimes we invite them to events so they can get an understanding of the work we do.”

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