Green Certificate Awarded to Germany for Sustainable Travel

German Parliament Building is one of the  Greenest in the World

German Parliament Building is one of the Greenest in the World

The German National Tourist Board is the first tourist board to be awarded a certificate for sustainable travel—a global standard for environmentally-friendly business practices. The country has a longstanding tradition of environmental awareness and continues to develop environmentally-friendly travel options for conscientious tourists.

“Our goal is the international positioning of Germany as a sustainable travel destination,” said Petra Hedorfer, CEO of the German National Tourist Board in a press release.

The Green Globe Certificate signifies the German National Tourist Board’s commitment to fostering and promoting sustainable travel on behalf of all of Germany. It considers environmental awareness, social responsibility and economic profitability in ranking the performance of tourism-based entities throughout the world. In the past, most successful applicants have been tourism companies or properties.

It’s a competitive program with rigorous standards of environmental stewardship. Applicants must meet a minimum number of criteria to qualify. For example, points toward qualification can come from training employees on their role in a company’s sustainability plan, incorporating locally-made materials into building projects, maintaining a greenhouse gas emissions inventory and recycling. The German National Tourist Board earned their passing grade by drafting a comprehensive sustainability plan and placing constant emphasis on its importance, both internally and in marketing to travelers.

Interested in sustainable travel? Other Green Globe-certified travel partners include Club Med Tinges Val Claret in France  Celebrity Coaches in Las Vegas and Atlantis Submarines in Barbados.

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