Grenada, Granada, What’s the Difference? A British Airways Passenger Finds out the Hard Way

Image via Passport
Image via Passport

Grenada? Granada? What’s the difference? Well, a difference of 4,000 miles for one. Just ask a dentist from Bethesda, Maryland who found himself on a first-class ticket to the wrong country. See, Gamson booked his ticket on the phone, where a reservationist booked him on a flight to the Caribbean Island of Grenada instead of Granada Spain. He wasn’t completely in the dark about his blunder, as when he noticed the plane was heading west instead of east after a layover in London, he immediately asked the flight attendant. British Airways offered him $376 for him and his travel companion, plus 50,000 miles, but Gamson said that the cost of the mix-up costed him over $34,000. He is now suing the airline. [Mashable]

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