Grey’s Anatomy’s Sara Ramirez is in an Uproar Over Lack of Bi-Inclusion in ‘When We Rise’

Sara Ramirez, or as some of us may know her better Dr. Callie Torres on Grey’s Anatomy, is calling out Dustin Black over his lack of bisexual representation in the new miniseries When We Rise.

Dustin Black, known primarily as the screenwriter behind the award-winning Milk, has presented an eight-hour miniseries about the gay rights movement, and how it has quickly progressed.

Throughout the film, the writer has seemingly forgotten to include the “B” in LGBT and the importance bisexuals have played in carving the path for equal rights.

According to a blog post for the Bay Area Bisexual Network Martin Rawlings-Fein said the exclusion of bi people made him see that the LGBT community “have been telling our stories apart for years.” He also said often times Bisexuals are told to keep to themselves” because no one in the gay community wants to hear [their stories].”

Ramirez quoted Lani Ka’ahumanu, a bisexual activist who founded BiPOL, the US’ first feminist bisexual political action group.

“Yes this LGBT mini-series “WHEN WE RISE” is a big deal AND there is no bisexual representation. The B is missing from this epic LGBT docu-drama,” she said.

At first Black responded to Ramirez saying he admires her greatly, but he feels the statement is untrue and that “real bisexual people and bi activists are portrayed in When We Rise

Based on the outrage of Ramirez and others, Twitter seems to be responding positively, and is attracting people who want to help remedy the issue. Dustin Black has assure social media that he is aware of the problem and will work harder at better representing the community. [GSN]

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