Grindr Takes Flirting into 2017 with Gaymojis

Grindr Takes Flirting into 2017 with Gaymojis

Now flirting in different countries just got a whole lot easier. Instead of hoping the person your contact understands the subtle nuances of a “hey, what’s up?” you can just send an eggplant emoji!

Can someone say:

Today Grindr, the largest all-male social network, expanded their chat experience with the launch of Gaymojis by Grindr – a text-friendly package featuring 500+ emojis that bring the Grindr lifestyle to life and speak to the mobile dating generation.

“Our users already use emojis as shorthand,” said Grindr Creative Director Landis Smithers, “We wanted to have some fun and create a new language for everyone, not only Grindr users, to enjoy.”

Gaymoji will be available in-app for iOS users, along with a freestanding app available for download on the Apple app store and Google play that will allow anyone to use Gaymoji in their primary messaging app.

Grindr users will have access to every Gaymoji when chatting with each other. For those using the freestanding app, a curated selection of 100 Gaymojis will be free. For $3.99, users will be able to unlock the entire collection spanning across six categories including Mood, Profile, Body, Dating + Sex, Objects, and Holiday.

It’s currently not available for Android.

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