LGBT Japanese Cartoon to Return

Image via Facebook

Image via Facebook

For many Animé fans, Sailor Moon provided a new, progressive view of gay characters. In a new article for Boing Boing, in light of a coming reboot of the series, writer Liz Ohanesian also notes the series importance to LGBT people everywhere.

The series, aimed at young people, featured two lesbian characters (in a relationship) in a time when this raised eyebrows. Sailor Moon went above and beyond this, for example, featuring camp gay characters, as well as men who transform into women with magic.

The original comic became a hit overseas, released in over 23 countries. While many of these new versions, including the American dub, removed some of the show’s queer elements (the U.S. version infamously changed the aforementioned lesbian couple into “cousins”), many fans went on to seek out the original, subtitled Japanese version. They discovered gay subplots and the rare chance to see LGBT characters in media geared toward their age group..

The show will return, airing worldwide July 5.

[h/t Boing Boing]

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