Guilty of Cursing the TSA’s Dreaded Security Lines? Help Design the Next-Generation Airport Queue

Image via Jeffrey J Coleman

Image via Jeffrey J Coleman

We’ve all cursed the TSA while waiting in a line at airport security. Huffed and puffed and tapped our feet and motioned with disgust that there needs to be more lanes open. Now, your opinions won’t fall on deaf ears as the TSA wants to hear from the traveling public. Think you have what it takes to completely redesign security by making it more efficient, submit your idea, and you can walk away with $5,000.  Here’s what the agency is looking for:

The Challenge is to provide a simulation modeling concept that can form the basis to plan, develop requirements, and design a queue appropriately. The concept will be used to develop a model to be applied in decision analysis and to take in considerations of site specific requirements, peak and non-peak hours, flight schedules and TSA staffing schedules. Solvers are expected to provide the concept and provide evidence that it works as described in the requirements… The new queue design should include, but not be limited to the following queue lanes: TSA Precheck, Standard, Premier Passengers (1st class, business class, frequent fliers, etc.), Employee and Flight Crews, and PWD (wheelchair access).

If you think your idea is good enough, click here to submit it. 



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