Gyms Exit From Gold’s Brand Due To Anti-Gay Donations

Congratulations to Fitness SF (image via Facebook)

In case you missed it, in 2010 Gold’s Gym CEO Robert Rowling (no relation to J.K.) donated $2 million to American Crossroads (an organization created by Karl Rove and former Republican National Committee Chair Ed Gillespie responsible for the funding of notoriously anti-gay politicians). When these donations were discovered, four Gold’s Gyms in the San Francisco, Oakland, and Marin opted to cut ties with the franchise. Don Dickerson, owner of the four gyms, released a statement condemning the donation and vowing to disenfranchise from the fitness company as soon as their contract expired.

Last month the contract end, and the Bay Area Gold’s Gyms have officially disenfranchised from the Gold’s Gym brand. Their new name is Fitness SF. New signs and branding have already replaced the former Gold’s Gym logos. Dickerson told a local CBS news outlet that, “Very rarely in a situation like this does a business stand up and actually take a position on the matter, which is why I think people have been so happy that we’ve taken this course of action.” [Dot429]

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