Happy Birthday Barbara Walters!

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You know you’ve made a name for yourself when the President of the United States arrives on your daytime talk show and presents you with a present for your birthday. That’s just what happened to the iconic American journalist, author, news anchor, and television personality Barbara Walters who turns 83 years young today. Walters, who began as a morning news anchor, is most widely known for her interviews. From Monica Lewinsky (one of the most watched interview of all time) and heads of states to celebrity interviews, Walters is known for her candidness and ability to get her interviewees to open up (some times making them cry). Walters continues interviewing people daily on her talk show, The View.

The octogenerian also has committed a lot of time to LGBT rights. Just last week, she hosted an event on the Intrepid commemorating the one-year anniversary of the repeal of  ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” She also consistantly makes her views known on The View in regards to LGBT rights.

Check out her interview today with Michelle Obama and Barack after the jump and find out what they gifted her…


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