Happy LGBT History Month 2012!

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You know it is October when you are surprised by the crisp, scarf and gloves-wearing weather in the morning, and you see the foliage start to kick into high gear. Halloween creeps up close and closer, but before you start putting together your costume(s) this year, celebrate LGBT History Month. First celebrated in the US in 1994, it is a month long, annual dedication to recognizing important moments in LGBT history and the gay rights movement. Since 2006, Equality Forum assumed responsibility for providing content, promotion and resources for LGBT History Month, and features an Icon each day in October who is selected for accomplishments in their field of endeavor and their status as a national hero or their significant contributions to LGBT equality.

“The 217 Icons, including the 31 for 2012, demonstrate the impressive and diverse international impact of the LGBT community,” stated Malcolm Lazin, founder of LGBT History Month and Executive Director of Equality Forum. This year’s 31 Icons include, among several others, designer Jean Paul Gaultier, entertainer RuPaul, Gay Games Founder Tom Waddell, actor Chris Colfer (Glee), actress Jodie Foster, Facebook Co-founder Chris Hughes,  CNN Anchor Don Lemon, and athlete Glenn Burke (the first and only Major League Baseball player known to be out during his professional career).

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