Hate Doesn’t Sell! Milo Yiannopoulos’s Books Barely Sold 100 Copies in the UK

Milo Yiannopoulos has been banned from Twitter for hate speech, but then the gay alt-right white nationalist former-Breitbart editor found a home at book-publishing powerhouse Simon & Schuster. And while the Chicago Review of Books announced that they will no longer cover the publisher’s books in 2017 and book stores likes Raven Books said ‘bye bye’ to the publisher, Simon & Schuster decided to stick with their deal with the outspoken bigot, but initial book sales reports show that the publishing company shouldn’t have bet on hate.

The book sold a low 18k copies in the US, but even more embarrassing is the 152 copies that were sold in the UK.

Of course Yiannopoulos is saying that the book has acutally sold around 100,000 copies. “By now, you may have heard reports claiming we only sold 18,000 copies of Dangerous and that our 100,000 copies claim is exaggerated. I’m happy to report that this is fake news,” Yiannopolis stated.

But this is going against Nielsen Bookscan, that the industry relies on for book sales. “As our sales include Amazon sales it is unlikely to be higher,” said Andre Breedt, defending their numbers.


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