Head of TSA Security Axed Over Long Lines, Big Bonus, and Poor Results

Photo by Milosz_M via Passport Magazine

Photo by Milosz_M via Passport Magazine

The head of security at the TSA has been replaced, after a week of long lines that caused hundreds to miss flights and leaving people stuck at airports across the country. The TSA said that Kelly Hoggan’s release is the result of the agency seeking a “different approach,” but all lines seem to lead to mismanagement within the agency. The harbinger to agency reform seems to be the public outcry over lines last week (that were measured in hours). Additionally, it was revealed that despite the agency failing to find and identify, prohibited items during security tests, he still received a $90,000 bonus.

While this signals some action on the part of the TSA, no major reforms have been proposed. The number of travelers continues to increase, and the number of TSA agents remains the same. This is particularly going to pose a problem for one of the busiest travel weekends—this weekend. [USA]

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