The Height of Hypocrisy! After Marrying his Partner Milo Yiannopoulos Says Australians Should Vote ‘No’ on Gay Marriage

It’s only been a few weeks since alt-right, hate-filled bigot Milo Yiannopoulos married his partner in Hawaii, and the failed author has told Australians to vote no on gay and lesbian marriage. During his promotional tour in Australia, the banned-from-Twitter Yiannopoulos was asked about the country’s mail-in vote on gay marriage when he replied to Daily Mail Australia that “My gut would be to vote against it….I’m gay and a Catholic. The highest priority for me is making sure no church, no believer anywhere, is required to violate their religious conscience,” he said before continuing.

“I think those things can co-exist perfectly peacefully. I think the state probably should recognize a gay couple who want to commit to one another. But the paramount consideration is not those gay couples – it is religious freedom.’”

If you weren’t completely offended by his hypocrisy, his gross comments continued:

“One of the few advantages of being gay was that you could tumble out of a nightclub at 1am on a Tuesday and no one could have a go at you for it,’ he told the Daily Mail. “But if we’re buying into these institutions like marriage, I worry that there will be a deadening effect on gay culture. So my instinct would be to vote against it and to look at some kind of proposed law that people could read and think about.”


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