Heineken Asks Travelers to Play a Game of ‘Departure Roulette’

Image via Heniken.

Image via Heniken.

Imagine heading to the airport all packed, ready for your planned vacation, and then giving it all up to go to a randomly selected destination. A new promotion by Heineken is doing just that. From Monday through Thursday last week, visitors to Terminal 8 at JFK were greeted by a giant green departure board called “Departure Roulette.” Representatives then asked travelers if they’d be willing to give up their current trip for the chance to fly to a randomly selected destination. Each hour a traveler was called to the board. If they agreed, they would have to agree to drop their currently scheduled plan (without compensation) and go to whatever destination the board revealed. A woman from Wisconsin found herself in Faro, Portugal instead of New York. And a man gave up a planned six-week trip to Vienna to visit Cyprus. Those whose destinations were changed were given their new boarding passes and $2,000 for expenses as well as two nights in hotels. “This was an experiment,” said Bram Reukers, a Heineken brand manager. “The people had to change their plans, drop everything and go someplace completely new. Only a few people were actually interested.” According to the NYT: “The effort is meant to bring attention to the company’s “Dropped” video Web series, which chronicles the adventures of four young men who are blindfolded and then dropped, often by helicopter, in remote areas of the world.”

This got us thinking, would we give up an entire trip to explore somewhere new?

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