Help End the Murder of Gay People in Chechnya

More than 40 men and women are being detained on suspicion of being gay, and at least two others have died after being tortured, according to the Russian LGBT Network. Theses reports, though, are being denied by the Chechen government who said they are “complete lies and don’t have an ounce of truth in them.” Despite this, the Russian LGBT Network has been closely monitoring the situation in the country since reports of mass detention of LGBT people was reported last year.

“Widespread detentions, torture, and killings of gay people have resumed in Chechnya,” Igor Kochetkov, program director at the Russian LGBT Network said. “Persecution of men and women suspected of being gay never stopped. It’s only that its scale has been changing.”

Thankfully, organizations are working overtime to bring much-needed aide to the LGBT community that remains in the country. Gay Star News (a British LGBT media company) has partnered with the Russian LGBTI Network to raise more money.

We want to help save their lives by helping to evacuate them from Russia.” said Tris Reid-Smith, editor-in-chief of GSN. “We are hugely grateful to all those who have donated already and who have shared this appeal. This is far beyond our expectations for the first 24 hours. We hope people will continue to be generous. Together, we can provide hope and save lives. Thank you.”

Visit their GoFundMe to donate to this important campaign. 


Visit Amnesty International to find out more about the problem and other ways to help. 

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