Hero Australian Hostage Remembered by his Longterm Partner, Coworkers, and the LGBT Community

Tori Johnson. I

Tori Johnson. 

The Lindt Chocolate Cafe manger, Tori Johnson, who died attempting to rip the gun out of “lone wolf” terrorist Man Haron Monis is being rememberd today by his longtime partner, his coworkers, and the gay community. Johnson, 34, is said to have wrestled with Monis to obtain his gun, but was shot in the unselfish act just shortly after 2 A.M. and died in the hospital shortly after. His parents released a statement saying: We are so proud of our beautiful boy Tori, gone from this earth but forever in our memories as the most amazing life partner, son, and brother we could ever wish for.” Johnson, who was the son of Australian artist Ken Johnson, was also in a 14-year relationship with Thomas Zinn.

“Tori had been with us at Lindt for just over two years and he was a great ambassador for our company and the store that he managed, which he cared about passionately…By nature he was a perfectionist and he had a genuine passion for the hospitality industry and people. He was a really important part of our management team in Australia and his loss is absolutely tragic,” a statement from Lindt read

Johnson also had a connection to the travel world. He worked in the US, Australia, and the Madlives and received his dregree in hospitality and business managmenet from Washington State University.

Katrina Dawson, a barrista at the cafe, also lost her life when she supposedly shielded a preganat woman from a bullet. [Independent]



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