Hillary Clinton Appoints LGBT Liaison to Better Connect to the Community

Dominic Lowell. Photo courtesy Hillary for America.

Dominic Lowell. Photo courtesy Hillary for America.

A lot of attention has been paid to Hillary Clinton’s inconsistent record on the LGBT community, and although Clinton has evolved on her stances to fully support the community, her campaign is hoping that by appointing an LGBT liaison she can more effectively reach the coveted demo.

Dominic Lowell, who worked with the Rock the Vote campaign, was appointed the director of LGBT outreach, and his record for reaching LGBT voters may give Hillary’s campaign a much-needed boost. The announcement also comes just days before Clinton is set to speak before the Human Rights Campaign board of directors and supporters.

Unsurprisingly, the HRC praised Clinton’s appointment with Elizabeth Birch, HRC’s director saying: “More than ever before, the LGBT vote is a potent one–not just in terms of that critical edge that is required in close elections, but because LGBT people are now a mature and experienced organizing force…This is a critical position for the Hillary Clinton campaign and they have filled it with a proven, dynamic talent in Dominic.”

Lowell, who is just 29, “coordinated with more than 100 organizations to advance Rock the Vote’s pro-voting and pro-engagement mission,” according to the Blade.

Don’t think that Clinton’s campaign has lacked visible LGBT members thus far. Campaign Manager Robby Mook, Deputy Political Director Brynne Craig, and National Finance Director Dennis Cheng. A D.C. resident have all identified as openly LGBT.


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