Hip-Hop Artist Yitz “Y-Love” Jordan Comes Out

Y-Love and Diwon. Image via Myspace.

Crossover hip-hop artist Yitz Y-Love Jordan is speaking out for the first time about his life as a gay man of color, while straddling the worlds of hip-hop and Hasidic Judaism—two communities not known for supporting the LGBT community. On May 15th his latest release, “Focus on the Flair,” will bring a new voice to the hip-hop world and the LGBT community.

“I want mine to be the last generation of LGBT Americans that remembers what a closet is.  I want kids in 20 years to sit annoyed through LGBT history class to learn about that long ago time ‘when gay people used to have to lie,’ much like segregation is a far-off time to many of today’s middle-class black youth,”  Jordan said.

Check out the unique style of Y-Love after the jump…

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