Historic Ruling in Hong Kong Recognizes Same-Sex Partnership.

A lesbian in Hong Kong has won the right to bring her wife over on a dependent visa. The historic court ruling came after the woman (referred to as QT) took the Hong Kong Immigration Department to court back in May 2015 after her wife was only given a work visa. The couple had been legally married outside of Hong Kong, but Hong Kong doesn’t officially recognize same-sex partnerships when it comes to immigration and visas.

Three judges in the Court of Appeals ruled unanimously that the director of immigration didn’t make a strong enough case as to why her wife wasn’t eligible.

“Discrimination based on sexual orientation, like any other form of discrimination, offends the cardinal principle of equality. An unmarried couple, whether heterosexual or homosexual, in a stable, long term and committed relationship can have exactly the same sort of interdependent relationship as a married couple,” one judge wrote.


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