HIV-Awareness Billboard Censored in Japan for Indecency


Image via Buzzfeed.

Image via Buzzfeed.

A billboard in Toyko’s gay district has been censored by authorities because of indecency. The public-awareness campaign was erected in the hope of raising HIV awareness in the Shinjuku Ni-chome district and was illustrated by popular gay artists Poko Murata. Paid for by Viiv Healthcare, the ad featured a ring of various gay men with the message “There are people living with and without HIV and we’re all already living together.” Back in January the artist received a complaint from the government that said the ad was “contrary to public order and morality.” In order to restore “order,” Murata drew shorts on one of his brief-wearing cartoons. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough, and he received further complaints.  The artist said that the complaints from the government is “an obvious prejudice and discrimination against gays.”

To comply with the requests,  Murata has drawn a new version of the billboard, this one, clothed. 

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